Saturday night 5/8/2004

Catching Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot and Jani Lane of Warrant at Banana Joe's in Davenport.

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Banana Joe's.

The stage.

The Swing of the Quad Cities play a double-header next door at John O'Donnell Stadium.

Kevin Dubrow.

Jaymz Larson and me.

Tim Anderson (AKA "The Jockey").

Me and Krissy from Let's Dance.

Krissy seems less enthused by Anderson.

Anderson and Rob Hocken.

Anderson and Krissy's friend. (I didn't get her name.)

Me, Anderson, Kurt Hepker and Jaymz.

Me and former Banana Joe's employee Charity. (I'd like to make a donation, please...)

Dubrow with some of the ladies from The Links Gentlemen's Club.

Me and Dubrow.

Jani Lane.

Jani and me.

Jani and Rob.

Anderson meets a girl.

Anderson meets another girl.

Anderson with two girls???

After the show we head over to Quad Cities Live.

(It's like a big Gabe's.)

The bar.

Casey, owner/proprietor of Banana Joe's.

Ted from the opening band, LyinHeart.  We just called him "Busey".

The dance floor at Banana Joe's.

The DJ booth...

...which is in a boat.

These girls were part of a bachelorette party.

That's the bride-to-be, vomiting in a box.

(Why is it that the girl in the tiara always has to hold the hair?)

Robbie Barr and me.

Robbie and me with two members of the bachelorette party.

We got the hint.

Jaymz and Unique (yes, that's his name) as Unique does a freestyle to some lady on Jaymz's cell phone.

Jaymz and Anderson ready to crash back at the motel.